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When it comes to making a true impact, nothing speaks louder and more impacting than filming and video. Whether it be a commercial your business or organization or producing a full length feature film, or film short, narrative, documentary or interviews, video has the power to drive your narrative.

By Mike Fox

Avery’s life sucks.

With the passing of her brother Aiden, bullies at school, parents arguing, teacher on her case, lack of good friends, only her best friend Amy, Roberto, and escaping reality seems to help easy the pain.

Until she learns about a box in the basement she’s not supposed to know about; and a cube within that box that has the power to transport her to her own future. And when through a vision she sees her future, it looks AMAZING. So what would stop her from teleporting to it?

But Avery must make the right choice, and she’s not sure if that’s the best choice to make?
Some choices are not easy choices, and Avery will need to make the right one – not only for herself, but for all the people in her life she knows and cares about.

A sci-fi film dealing with life-impacting, relevant topics such as bullying, teen suicide, honesty, making choices, parent and teen relationships, teen responsibility and more.

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” -Flora Whittemore

11 Film Festival Trailer AWARDS.

Starring Arianna Fox, Kathy Sanders, Raymond Ritzau, Emma Li, Isai Matias, Nicole Biello, London & Madison Phillips, Gary Tucker, with special appearance by Cavanaugh Bell & Llacey Simmons of Cool & Dope & More!
A sci-fi film including such topics as bullying, parent-teen relationships, family, teen responsibility, teen suicide & most of all, hope.

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Multi-Award Winning Trailer


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